7C Updates - The New Packing Area

7C Updates - The New Packing Area

Our much needed 1200 square feet packing area is now being built.
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Well this will be a breath of fresh air! 

We're currently building a dedicated packing area on the first floor of the warehouse. It's a little over 1200 square feet, so it gives us the much needed room to keep up with the shipping demands.

This area will allow 4 people to pack parcels, and store over 200 boxed hilts at any one time. By our maths, 4 people packing 50 hilts each a day allows us to ship a whole batch of hilts in one 9-5 shift - obviously we will certainly be putting that to the test! It's certainly surprising how much space you need to ship with the annual demand - and this is the answer!

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Team 7C