Have a question about Custom Sabers? Delivery time? Warranty? From delivery time, to sourcing electronics to ignite your Custom Saber into life - you will find it all here!


How long does it take to machine my hilt, and for it to ship? 

All of our hilts are made to order (unless stated). Each hilt is made by us, in our in-house CNC production facility, by our fully qualified machinists. Typically it takes 12 weeks to machine, apply the appropriate finish, put it through our quality control equipment, and assemble your order. Sometimes there may be a delay (due to absences or machine breakdown), however in the event of this, our customer service team will reach out to you.


So, my order has been collected - how long will it take to get here?

FedEx/DHL Express quotes 2-3 working days for most countries, and Royal Mail 7-10 working days. While 2-3 working days for FedEx/DHL, and 7-10 working days for Royal Mail is usually accurate, they sometimes need a few extra days to deliver. When your order is dispatched, you will be provided with a FedEx/DHL or Royal Mail tracking number.

Should you need any advice on a shipment, do reach out to us - we're always happy to help!


I've received my Saber, but it has been damaged!

We pride ourselves in safe, secure, and thorough packaging, but sometimes there's a little hiccup, and a parcel does get damaged in transit. But fear not, we've got you covered! We just require a couple of things.

1. Reach out to us ASAP, to let us know your parcel has been damaged. 

2. Provide detailed pictures of the damage.

As soon as we have that, we can act right away, and get a replacement out! 


Is my Saber covered by a warranty?

Absolutely. Our quality control is A1, as we have full testing/analysing equipment on-site. Aluminium and plated items are always finished to our high standards. In many cases, we actually hand finish our aluminium items, to our high standards. With our years of experience, and complete confidence in our products, we are pleased to offer a 1 year warranty (from date of purchase) against plating defects and mechanical failure, for peace of mind. In the event you do need to use your warranty, reach out to us via the contact page, with pictures illustrating any issues, and we've got you covered!



Do you offer discounts, if I buy more than one?

Absolutely! We offer volume discount on most of our hilts & parts. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss this, and we can set you up with a one-time discount code for checkout.


I've got my Saber, now I want to install it - where do I get the parts?

Over the 12+ years we have been in the Custom Saber hobby, we have worked with lots of people, and made some great friends who run some amazing Saber stores.

If you are looking to get the parts to ignite your Saber into life, then look no further than our friend Khal @ the Saber ArmoryHe has practically everything, including the highly-recommended beginner soundboard, Verso, that we spent months working with him on.


Any other questions, visit the Contact Us page to reach out to us! It's manned between 9AM-10PM BST, and we usually reply almost instantly!*

*in the event of a large amount of enquires, please give us 24hrs to get back to you.