MoM of all Heroes Elite Prop Kit by Veracity Labs - Batch 3

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Available February 27th from 9pm, UK time.

The batch 3 Hero kits have a 5-8 week lead time (from March 1st 2021), and will ship in April/May 2021.

Veracity Labs MoM of All Heroes - Elite Kit

A full FX-capable MoM of All Heroes empty prop kit made from 7075 aluminum set up for canon and idealized hot swap, including:
-Static pommel cap
-Normal vented pommel cap
-Hidden vented pommel cap
-Two 316L stainless steel reinforced necks for dueling. (One for each front half)
-Canon triangle plate
-Idealized triangle plate
-Canon grenade section
-Idealized grenade section
-1" blade emitter plate
-7/8" blade emitter plate
-7/8" adapter
-Static emitter plate
-Clamp card
-Helper board
-Reveal board
-6 windvanes, two in each material (copper, aluminum and bronze)
-Two lower emitter bells
-Two additional emitter cups (LED and pixel to allow for full hot swap)